Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Turkey Season Setup

My family's week of turkey hunting is quickly coming to an end, but I still want to share some pictures of the setup and then Nick's turkey.

What do I do when we're headed out to the woods to set up turkey blinds--grab the camera of course.  You never know what interesting things await.  Something exciting might happen.

Exciting?  Maria looked cute carrying in the turkey decoy.

Exciting?  Warren and Nick set up a turkey blind.

Exciting?  Maria looked cute again.

Exciting?  Peter and Joe tried starting a fire.

Exciting?  Siblings sat on a log.

Exciting?  The sun fell to the horizon.

Exciting?  More decoys were carried.

Exciting?  Warren stopped to look at something.  Is he stepping around something?  What is it?

Exciting?  Looks like wolf droppings.  Better catch up to the group.

Exciting?  Kids and dad smile in the turkey blind.

Exciting?  The moon rises.

Exciting?  The next morning Nick shot a turkey.  A nice big one--he didn't listen to me.  I always tell them to shoot a little one because it fits better in the oven.

That definitely was a camera worthy outing.  Spring has finally sprung here in Central Wisconsin.  Today started the beginning of our very average spring forecast.  High 50's, low 60's, chance of rain, mostly cloudy, slight peeks of sun.  We'll definitely take it.

I wish all my readers a great spring week.  Planting season is right around the corner.

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