Saturday, April 2, 2016

April (snow) Showers......Are Wrong

Just popping in for a quick minute to share the April snow showers that are falling right now.  Every time I look up there's more snow on the ground.

Here's what it looked like on Wednesday.  All the snow had melted from our pre-Easter snow dump, the mud had dried up for the most part, and the only depressing weather left was the cold and clouds.  Now we're right back into winter again, with another mud season to follow.  yuck!

Look at that background.  Actually looks like spring could spring.

And this is the patio this morning.

The birds are quite active.  I enjoyed a few minutes watching the feeders this morning.

Juncos and Goldfinches

How's this for an April 2 landscape.
Blogging was nonexistent this week.  Getting back into the swing of school, preparing for Creative Arts Day, and a list of things to accomplish a mile long kept me away from the blog.  I have so many pictures to share from Easter, a sponsored giveaway coming up, and more on homeschooling.  We just have to make it through Creative Arts Day:  2 demonstration speeches, 2 violin solos, 1 club play, and 1 entry into the People's Choice Photo Contest.

If you're getting snow - good luck.  If you're getting sunshine - I'm a bit jealous.  Enjoy your day!