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Cooking With Mariani Cranberries....Chicken Salad::Sweet & Crunchy

Hi!  If you're here from YouTube, this is my basic chicken salad recipe.  I rarely make this small of a batch though.  Usually I times this by 4 so we can eat on it for a few days.  Warren and I love this so much we can eat it for lunch and supper 3 days in a row before we're ready for a change.  Enjoy!!😋

We grow cranberries.  We sell cranberries.  We eat cranberries.  

Mariani Packing Company sent me samples of their sweetened dried cranberry products to review.  They also graciously agreed to send a box with these exact items to one lucky reader.  Enter to win at the end of the post.

UPDATED:  The winner of the pictured items (below) is Andrea G.  How cool is it that I know her in real life.  Be sure to send me your address so the products can be shipped out right away.

One of my favorite ways to eat sweetened dried cranberries is in chicken salad.  Chock full of lean chicken, crunchy celery, chewy cranberries, and nutty almonds, chicken salad can be eaten on a bed of lettuce (my way) or on a buttery croissant (Warren's way).  Either way, it's awesome.  Here's my recipe for Chicken Salad:  Sweet and Crunchy.

The good stuff.

Mix it all together, and that's it.  These Mariani cranberries are soft and chewy - very tasty, too.
On a buttery croissant or on a simple bed of lettuce, this chicken salad can't be beat.
Mariani Packing Company also sent along the snack size boxes of cranberries.  I love these snack boxes.  They are perfect for lunch boxes - a great way to add a little fiber and cancer fighting antioxidants.  And there's just something fun about having your own little box of dried fruit.  Homeschooling teens and toddlers alike can enjoy cranberries as a snack.  

The many faces of a 2 year old eating cranberries.

We also sampled their Honey Bar - Cranberry.  It's basically a nut and fruit trail mix held together with honey.  Not so much a winner with the 2 year old, but Amber (a teen) really likes them.  As a mom, I like the list of ingredients:  cranberries, raisins, apricots, peanuts and honey.  You really can't get much simpler than that.

The 10 ounce bag of cranberries is plenty big, so after making the Chicken Salad:  Sweet and Crunchy, I whipped up a batch of Cranberry Pecan Cowboy Cookies.  The cranberry flavor really shines when mixed with oatmeal and pecans.  Stay tuned for a future post with the cookie recipe.

The winner will receive:
10 ounce bag of Mariani dried cranberries
6 pack of Snack size cranberries
3 Honey Bars - Cranberry

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Winner will be announced next Saturday.

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  1. We love eating them straight out of the bag!

  2. I love adding them to my morning oats along with some apples and cinnamon!

  3. i love them plain and also like you I love, love love them in chicken salad! your post made me so hungry!!! hope I win the goodies :-)

  4. We love them in cookies,fudge and muffins and salad,darn now I am hungry!!!

  5. I love Mariani's dried fruit. We have been using them for years to snack on and bake with.

  6. Aside from eating them out of the bag, I like them in Oatmeal and in salads.

  7. Aside from eating them out of the bag, I like them in Oatmeal and in salads.

  8. Your chicken salad recipe looks delicious, will be giving it a try soon. Thanks for sharing! Mariani's dried cranberries are the best, we use them in our homemade granola.

  9. I like Mariani Dried Cranberries in my morning oatmeal/chia :)

  10. I love dried cranberries. We usually eat them by themselves. Your salad looks so good. I love that you can turn this salad into a morning breakfast sandwich. :)


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