Thursday, July 14, 2016

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - high summer


Cherry tomatoes right from the patio plant.

My baby rolling out pizza crust.

Joseph is our rainbow seeker.  We were on the 4-wheeler when he started yelling "rainbow, rainbow".  We turned around to see this beauty.

Amber was selected as a Washington Leadership Focus delegate through 4-H.  She left for Washington D.C. Sunday morning, and already tomorrow we'll be picking her up.

Peter is always riding his 1950's vintage Schwinn.  Everyone of our children has learned to ride on this bike.  It makes me so happy to have something that has stood the test of time - kids are NOT easy on things.

Even without a baseball bat in his hands, he's practicing his technique.

Maybe you saw the group wearing these soul patches.  Maria couldn't quite figure out the placement.  We all laughed when she stuck it to her nose.  Maybe someone told her it was time to trim her nose hair.
Birthday cakes are always topped with mismatched candles at our house.  I wash, save, and reuse candles until they are stubs.  So, when I used a package of brand new candles (along with a few old ones) on Sam's cake we were all laughing when they started relighting.  I had no idea they were magic candles.  Lots of teasing about girlfriends and old flames - just what a 12 year old boy wants.

Without Amber around this week, the house mess has been getting a little bit out of control.  Between gardening, cooking, BMX, blah, blah, blah, blogging - the kitchen has been neglected and it looks like this on a daily basis.

The love between these two is so real.  
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