Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sam's 12th Birthday - BMX theme

We just celebrated Sam's 12th birthday with a BMX theme.  If you've been reading along this summer, you've probably seen pictures of Sam in BMX attire, racing.  He played baseball for the past two summers, enjoyed it, but didn't seem passionate.  He started asking last year about BMX, so once baseball ended I started taking him to practices.  He used a loaner bike and loved every second.  And, although he was a beginner, he showed potential and lots of passion.  This spring Sam bought a used bike, gathered up all his motocross gear and we headed to the BMX track.  It's his thing!!!  All new riders start as a novice and advance based on wins.  He has 5 of his 10 required wins under his belt already and hopes to gain the rest before the year ends.  Once accomplished, he'll be an intermediate.

I had to tie BMX into his birthday celebration some how.  I did find some neat party supplies online, but it was too late to order.

I ended up making a paper pennant as the cake topper.

Google images make it so easy to create personalized cake toppers.  I simply googled "printable bmx silhouette", clicked on images, chose my favorite, and printed.  I cut out a pennant shape from cardstock, glued on the BMXer, found some stickers in my stash, taped a straw to the back and done!  So easy.

I always let the kids pick out their birthday meal.  Sam chose Queso Fundido.  It's easy to make ahead, which I did because we celebrated after Saturday evening Mass.  Served with chips and watermelon, it was the perfect amount of food to leave room for cake and ice cream.

Looking for racing party supplies at the Dollar Store, I ran across a package of soul patch stickers (only $1 at the store).  Sam's just the kid to find this funny, so I picked them up and surprised the group just before the obligatory group photo.

Presents were next.  I was completely out of "boy" wrapping paper, but this birthday boy didn't mind the rainbow zebra print or Christmas wrap.

From his older siblings:  Camelbak water bottle and Quench gum

Swim goggles

Gun ammo - very important to a 12 year old

Following with his BMX theme, some home track attire - a performance T-shirt and hoodie, personalized with our last name.  I don't know why, but seeing his last name in print brought on a huge smile.

And a new helmet
Nick put together a balloon break game; it turned out to be a real winner.  He attached balloons to a sheet of plywood in the shape of the #12 and then we had some sharp tip darts and all took turns trying to pop the balloons.

There you have it - Birthday #12