Friday, July 1, 2016

Super Summer Science - Frogs

In an effort to combat the summer slide and because I like lesson planning and my kids love The Cat in the Hat we are enjoying summer learning with The Cat in the Hat Learning Library books.  The approach is simple.



We found our usual reading spot on the couch and read:

The book is about pond life in general, however, I chose to focus on frogs just to keep it simple.


For the first part of our review we used this free printable to make a frog life cycle coloring book.  Peter took great pride in coloring his tadpoles all duh colors dare not post to be.

The book is in the style of Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?  I'd read a line, then point to each word and have Joseph repeat it practicing tracking and sight words.

This next activity, labeling the parts of a frog was supposed to provide cutting practice.  Joe was getting frustrated; and, since first and foremost I wanted this to be fun, I ended up cutting the pieces out for him.  Even though it was only 5 little rectangles, I couldn't convince him to keep going.  I liked this frog parts activity a lot.  The first letter for each part is provided making it easy for emerging readers to find the right piece and read it.  When the line is pointing to the frog's middle and the first letter is "b", both the boys had an easy time "reading" the word belly.  Joe is a master gluer so he really loved this review page.

Peter meticulously cut out each word piece and fended off Joe while gluing them in place.  I told you Joseph likes to glue.

By the way I used this free printable.  It's part of a pre-school pack, you'll have to download the whole unit and then print the page you want.


Clever leap year recipes.:

We planned on making these cupcakes, but ended up getting busy with life and it never happened.  Peter's been asking when? so I really need to make it happen.


The explore part took us outside.  Peter grabbed a net and we all went down to the pond to have a looksey.  We heard the frogs croaking in the cattails, but didn't actually see any that day, but we did find a gelatinous egg mass we guessed to be frog eggs.  I really wish I had pictures of our explore time, but in the craziness of rubber boots and nets and potty breaks and Maria waking up from her nap I simply forgot to grab the camera.

Happy Summer to you all.  I hope you're taking time to do all the things you enjoy.

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