Friday, October 14, 2016

Can Pre-Schoolers Cut the Grass?

Last week I shared my low-tech way of keeping track of all the cute and educational ideas I find on Pinterest.  Notecards are my friend.

Peter is always asking to do a project.  

"Mom, can we do a puzzle project?"
"Mom, can we do an art project?"
"Mom, will you print coloring pictures so I can do a project?"

Mom, Mom, Mom......project?  project?  project?

It's his mantra.

These little notecards come in handy; one quick thumb through, and I find the perfect project for the day.

Last week we had a couple beautiful fall days - sunny, warm, low humidity, slightly breezy - just gorgeous.  So, in between walks on the marsh, Peter and Joseph did this fun grass cutting activity project.

The card read - Grab scissors, cut grass.

Simple enough and fun in its own way, it also offers some skill development for Joseph.  His hands being on the small side, they're a little weaker than the average kid's hands.  I'm always on the lookout for ways to strengthen his hands to improve his pencil grasp.  Scissor work offers plenty of opportunity for strengthening his dominant hand.

Peter gets to practice perseverance.  I told him to cut all the long grass around the big rock.   And cut he did.

This SIMPLE project freed me up for a while.  What did I do?  I swept thousands of cranberry leaves off the garage floor because those thousands of leaves were finding their way into every nook and cranny of the house.

Have a great day.  What kind of projects do you hope to accomplish today?  this weekend?


  1. I never thought of this when mine were little to keep them busy. The closest thing I came to to this is letting mine paint the house. bucket of water and paint brush.

    1. I remember doing that with my older kids. I'll definitely write that one up on a notecard. Thanks for the great idea.

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