Thursday, October 20, 2016

One Last Cranberry Harvest Tour of 2016

We are officially done with cranberry harvest 2016.  It was a fantastic harvest - great fruit quality, dependable harvest crew, mostly decent weather, and only 1.6 million cranberry leaves scattered from the garage to the basement to the bedrooms.  I'll be vacuuming those until Christmas.

I wish this picture was in landscape mode - it would show the rest of the story.  Warren is backing up the dump truck, and Joe is guiding him in.  That pointer finger above his head is moving a mile a minute beckoning him in.

Tools of the trade in the foreground.

Working together to corral every last berry.

Dad and son working together, placing the boom just so.

Love this picture.  The swirling shades of red are so impressive.

Cranberries falling from the conveyor belt into the dump truck.

Peter had a chance to pull on the hip boots and trudge into the cranberry bed to try his hand at raking the old fashioned way.

Always a helper - raking up leaf trash.

Freshly raked cranberry bed - fruit is floating, once the water is higher it will be boomed.

Did you know we buy Bumblebees from Michigan?  They're trucked here and we place them around the marsh for pollination purposes.


One of the most fascinating sights on a cranberry bed are the strands of cobwebs formed on a lightly flooded bed.

As usual, have a CRANTASTIC day!
I'll be back with a few fun ways to use dried cranberries.