Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Maria on the {cranberry} Marsh

We are half done with cranberry harvest.  Yeah!  

It also means we're half done with our sort of homeschool break.  I say "sort of" because Nick continues to attend classes at the technical college, but is taking a break from his traditional homeschool lessons.  And I've caught Amber doing some school work in between pulling pipe and raking trash.  She's dedicated!  Sam did some Easy Grammar only because I made him, and he's been reading library books to Peter and Maria in the evening.  I've shifted my role of homeschool mom to provider of tons of food mom.  Tonight's supper includes 20 Cheesy Mini Meatloaves, 1 dozen baked potatoes with fixin's and 3 dozen cookies.  Throw in an entire gallon of milk, and supper is served!

Anyway, the post's title is Maria on the {cranberry} Marsh, so I should get on with that.  

She's three.  She's full of opinions.  She's got killer vocabulary skills.  She's not at all afraid to throw her weight (all 29 pounds) around with demands of all sorts.  Oh, and she wears dresses every day.  Still I take her for daily walks on the cranberry marsh.  Here's a sampling of her shenanigans.

The first harvest walk of the year.  She's so excited.

Taking cookies to the crew; she just has to have one.

"Are you weddy to go, yet?  Cuz I am."

"See me, Mom?  I'm up high."

Just before this picture, I told her to stay clean because we had to go to town.  Then the wooden dowel fell in the mud, and apparently, needed to be cleaned off with her dress.

"Mom, yook what the stick did to my dress."

"Brothers!  Wait for me!"

"They didn't wait for me; I'm disgusted."

"I can dwive.  I'll show you."

"Nicky, can I rake trash with you?  Mom, likes it when I call you Nicky."

Walking in the Rain

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"I'm not too cwose.  Really I'm not."

For those that stayed all the way to the end.  Wow, that's dedication.  Here's a pretty autumn landscape for you all.  Have a great evening.


  1. Your little girl is just darling! Can almost see her thoughts as I see the photos (little thought bubbles). Would love to see each one of your wonderful children featured on the blog sometime.
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thank you. She's quite a hand full.


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