Monday, October 10, 2016

Greek Style Yogurt Cranberries

I have huge aspirations of sharing the variety of cranberry products I run across here in cranberry country, but time has a way of slipping away.

I do, however, have one product I'd like to share with you all today.  


I happened to try the Great Value product from Walmart, but I've seen other versions as well.  Each brand calls them something a bit different, but in essence they are yogurt covered dried cranberries.

These Greek Style Yogurt Cranberries are bound to be as classic as the classics.

Similar to yogurt covered raisins, but only yummier - because they're made with cranberries!!

Did you know the cranberry is loaded with antioxidants - cancer fighting, cell repairing substances found in fruits and vegetables.  The cranberry ranks #3, right after wild and cultivated blueberries.  With over 8000 antioxidants in 1/3 cup, cranberries make a healthy addition to any lunch box.

Just a note:  there are fewer antioxidants in dried fruit compared to fresh fruit.  But, not many people, especially kids, can handle a mouthful of fresh cranberries.

This is a newer Great Value product; I can't even find it at Walmart.com, but there are plenty of other companies that make similar products.  I've linked to a couple options below.

Ocean Spray Craisins Greek Yogurt Dried Cranberries 8 oz. Bag
8 ounce pouch
Yogurt Covered Cranberries, 10 Pounds
10 pound box

I have a challenge for you.
How many whole cranberries can you fit in your mouth?
Can you chew them all and swallow without drooling?

Give it a try.  My record is 10.  One of my family members can do 20.  Now that's a mouthful.

Have a VERY BERRY fun day.