Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Day Late

It's Tuesday and time for the Monday Home Blessing, yes I know that doesn't make sense. However, after yesterday's foot in the egg pail, egg white and yolk dripping from the counter top and trash can situation and the dropped glass candle holder in the bathroom incident, we did enough cleaning for one day. This all happened before 10:00 AM. We had plans to pick up my mom, get a bucket of chicken and picnic at a park. We finished eating, not quite in the nick of time. We had to pack up and run to the van in the downpour. In the last last 5 days we've had 6 inches of rain. When will it stop?

Yesterday we also planted the garden, a little late this year, but better than never. We're trying carrots again. Last time I tried with no luck.

List of vegetables planted:
sweet corn

The kids have a friend over today. They all helped out with the home blessing. With us all working together we finished in under an hour. The kids worked so hard. I think we'll have a friend over next Monday; for some reason friends are so willing to help clean, which in turn motivates my kids. It's a win:win situation.