Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Recap

Grace had violin Saturday morning. I hit a garage sale, all by myself! Found a great foam U.S. puzzle and some jeans for Lee that ended up being too small. The afternoon went by quickly. We went fishing on the upper pond and caught one bass. Another round of thunderstorms came through. Grant and Anna had a piano recital that we attended in the evening and then played for a few hours afterwards.

Sunday started out with church and then an afternoon of mostly rest and relaxation. The kids watched a video called I Love Dinosaurs. I believe it's a National Geographic film. 80 excellent minutes of dino entertainment and it's educational, too. Well, I learned a few new things anyway. It seems when I point out something new I learned, my kids always say "Oh, I already knew that". I practiced piano; it's such a great feeling to stretch my mind. I'm definitely out of my comfort zone. Speaking of comfort zone, my muscles ache and my knees are quivering. Grace and I are preparing to run a 5K on the Fourth of July. I believe that's about 3.2 miles. Neither one of us are runners. Most days I think we are crazy. Deep down I wish I could just quit, but since I'm the adult I guess I better just shut up and set a good example.

Later this evening we have a graduation party to go to. They have horses; the kids can't wait.