Wednesday, June 8, 2005

No Lettuce?

Lou came in with a single chive. She asked to make a salad.

"We don't have any lettuce."

She frowned.

"We don't have any carrots."

She frowned and then put in her last request. "I can make a salad with chips?!"

I offered her some Triscuits. She ate the crackers and handed me the chive. Now I have onion breath.

Yesterday was my birthday. Lee senior and I took the kids to a friends (for another birthday celebration) and we went biking on the Green Circle in Stevens Point. Ray enjoyed riding in the Burley, for the most part. Went out for lunch with my mom. Grace and Lee made me a cake from scratch. They measured and read the recipe. What determination!

Today Grace and I each bought a beginner piano book. We plan on teaching ourselves to play piano. We each conquered our first lesson. So far, so good.

The latest in questions from Lee: "Did George Washington have a piano?" We'll have to stop by Ask Jeeves in a few minutes.