Thursday, June 2, 2005

Grace kicked Lee

What is it with kids? Why do they have to lash out at one another? Grace kicked Lee, apparantly because he looked into the bin of clean socks. It's Grace's month to fold socks and she seems to be a little posssessive about the job. Grace is on my time today. So far she collected and disposed of the trash, scrubbed all the trash cans, cleaned under her bed and is now reading and writing in her journal.

Grace and I are still working on reviewing the first grade material in the book, Home Learning Year by Year.

Last year I came across a book that I ended up buying titled, Math for your 1st and 2nd grader. A college math professor wrote the book basically because he was disgusted in the lack of math skills of high school graduates. He believes that it all comes down to learning the basics. I first checked it out from the library and used it with Grace for 2 weeks. Then about a month after taking it back to the library Grace asked when we were going to do more of "that book". I logged onto Amazon.com and bought it used. We finished 1st grade about 6 weeks ago. Yesterday Grace asked, "When are we gonna start on 2nd grade?" So we got it out and she counted to 200 aloud. We giggled and remembered how much we love math!

Baby Ray says mama, dada and stands by himself for 1 second before falling.

This morning we discussed the phrase, "let sleeping tigers lie". This of course was referring to Lee when he falls asleep in the van.