Monday, June 6, 2005


Children look at the world with such awe. For example, Lee asked me Saturday, "Which is bigger, a daddy longlegs or a baby mouse?" I just love the way his mind tackles the tough issues.

We went to the beach! We are a beach family. Everyone loves to swim and yesterday was hot and a little humid...perfect for the beach. Since we only have 3 short months of beach weather we try to make the most of it. Yesterday was Ray's first time at the beach; he loved the sand. He crawled, dug, scooped, ate and played in the sand until he was covered from head to toe.

Lee senior had my birthday present delivered today, a Clavinova. It's a digital piano. I've wanted to play piano since I was a kid. Can't wait to get some beginner books. The music store owner thought that since I play violin I might be able to self teach myself. I'm concerned with learning bass clef.

Kids are begging to know when summer vacation starts. It's so hard to explain that learning can happen any day. Do we really need to have an end date? If we do does that mean that they'll only want to watch TV all day? How do you other unschoolers handle this?