Monday, February 13, 2006

A Busy Day

It's Monday again, which means time for the Monday Home Blessing. One of the jobs is, vacuum middles of all rooms in 10 minutes or less. The girls room is typically a complete disaster and today was no different. As I approached the closed door I read this message taped to the door:
owt of ortere
do not de
Grace was telling me there was no need to even open the door because the floor was completely undercover.

Books read today: Geography From A to Z: A Picture Glossary
New True Book: Asia
Hi, Harry! The moving story of how one slow tortoise slowly made a friend
(Lee read, it's a great beginner book)

We also made North, East, South, West signs and posted them around the house on the appropriate walls. We watched a video about Egypt and then the kids set muskrat traps before Lou had to go to dance class.

Dinner tonight will be leftovers: brat patties, chili, orange slices, spinach salad and hopefully homemade bread.