Thursday, February 9, 2006

More Geography

Again we watched a video, this time of South Korea. We located S. Korea on the globe and determined it is in Asia. We talked about the Orient, oriental, chopsticks, learning English and persimmons. We'll have to check the grocer to see about buying one next week.

Tomorrow DH and I are going away to LaCrosse for a night. It will be the first time leaving Ray overnight. He's still nursing, usually just before bed or a nap. Sometimes he gets so tired that he falls asleep on his own, too. I'm hoping this happens on Friday night. Besides that weighing on my mind, I am totally psyched to spend time with DH alone for 24 hours. We can eat at any restaurant we want, go to any store we want, do anything we want. Sometimes it feels like we lead a G rated life and have to be so stuffy. Our kids watch and emulate every move we make and sometimes I feel that if I even make one mistake or "let loose" they will follow my lead and it's so hard to get them back on track. Reading what I just wrote, I realize I can't convey my feelings on this issue completely. I'll just leave it at that and maybe after the 24 hours away I'll be able to think more clearly.