Monday, February 6, 2006

What Happened Today

Grace and Lee checked traps in the morning. We finished On the Banks of Plum Creek and started By the Shores of Silver Lake. Lou set puzzles, while Ray played with magnets. For subject of the day we all watched another video - Israel. We located Israel on the globe and talked about this being a very holy land. They noticed Jerusalem and Egypt and we talked about the turmoil in that area today. We had planned on making bread after lunch, something Lee has been wanting to do since Grace's First Reconciliation retreat. However, Lee and Lou were asked to unload the dishwasher and chose to fight and hit the whole time so we postponed the breadmaking until Wednesday. Obviously I didn't get "Mother of the Year" award for that one. Grace cut up the veggies for split pea and ham soup, Lee built playing card structures, Ray napped and Lou went off to dance with dad. We got out the home movies; the kids were entertained with their silly antics of toddler life for over an hour.

Yesterday I made about 7 quarts of spaghetti sauce, so tonight it's spaghetti and meat sauce for supper, along with a big spinach salad and sliced apples. I love easy menu nights. We learned a new card game, Nerts. We'll probably play that after supper before bed.

The kids are heading outside and reciting their favorite lines from Shrek.