Thursday, February 2, 2006

It's Been Awhile

Continuing with our study of the seven continents, we've been watching the "Families of the World" video series. These videos are so interesting that even I have to sit down and watch them. We locate the countries on the globe and determine which continent they are on and then practice saying the seven. Both Grace and Lee just about have them memorized. For some reason Asia and Europe are the hardest to remember.

Earlier this week we went to the Museum of Natural History (UWSP). Half of it is under construction, but was still worth it. We saw a T-rex skull, ball python shedding its skin, an exhibit of African animals including half a "dead" zebra with fake blood. That last one was really the highlight of the museum, according to the kids.

Lou spent two nights at Grandma's and brought home 6 too many boxes of sugar cereal and Oreo Pop-tarts. What was Grandma thinking? Honestly, I get very frustrated with her. I have told her many times that one box of sugar cereal is plenty. I've offered suggestions like Raisin Bran, frosted Mini-Wheats (fiber), etc. but she doesn't listen. She claims, "that's what she wanted".

We started listening to Caddie Woodlawn on audiotape. What a great story, again I have to take a break and listen. Why don't they listen to boring books on tape so that I can get some work done?