Friday, May 19, 2006

Frogs.....Always a Favorite

Lee is currently very interested in frogs. It happens like clockwork, every spring and late summer. In the spring they collect lots of tadpoles, hold them in buckets for awhile and then release them back to the pond. Late summer brings low water levels and thus the frogs are in plain view. We've been reading books about frogs and today made a water viewer. Cut out both ends of a can (we used a coffee can), cover one end tightly with plastic wrap and secure with a thick rubberband. Put the covered end into the pond and view the underwater world through the open end of the can. After they finish watching Westward Ho!, they plan on taking the can to the pond.

Note: Salamanders and Skinks are uncommon (so says the Wisconsin Turtle book), yet we've found three this spring. If looking to see some check under rotting leaves in a cool place.

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