Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The Perfect Day

This morning we were out the door by 8:30 to do our grocery shopping before violin and guitar lessons. We met the Johnson's in the ShopKo parking lot and brought home Derek and Haley for the afternoon. The sun is out and they are having a ball biking, sailing boats, climbing trees, turtle hunting, dart gun fighting, BB gun shooting and whatever else was done in between that I'm not aware of. I hardly see them when friends are over; they are on the property somewhere searching for new findings.

Saxon Math 3 arrived in the mail yesterday. Both Grace and Lee are going to begin on that program this month and then we'll take a break for the summer, before starting up in September. We used the book Math For Your First and Second Grader for the first two years of math with Grace; Lee just finished up the first grade program, but looking at Saxon Math 3, I think Lee will be able to jump right into it. The beginning of the book is all review of 2nd grade material and he's a fast learner with math.

Last night was the deanery spring meeting for women. I attended and am highly motivated to make it to adoration before Sunday. My plan is to take all four kids before picking up our chicks tomorrow. We'll enter reverently, say the Our Father and then possible a few Hail Mary's and go. I don't think Ray will last more than 5 minutes and as I understand, it needs to remain completely silent. My prayer for tomorrow: Lord, bring peace to my children as they enter the chapel of your body. Amen.