Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life in the Outdoors

Recently, I read somewhere about living in the outdoors. The writer commented: why would anyone stay inside when a perfectly made world is waiting to be enjoyed outside. Why not eat outside, read outside, play outside? Well, I've taken that comment to heart and have been literally outside for as much of my day as possible. We've been reading outside, gardening, fishing, mowing lawn, collecting rocks, swimming in both the wading pool and swimming hole, walking around the yard just looking up and down at all there is to see. I've found more wild blueberries than I new about, a swallow nest with eggs, an unfound Easter egg, and some new oak seedlings. We are seriously wrapping up the school year. Today we did some reading, math and phonics and then lived life to the fullest.

I tried a new recipe this morning, Jeff's Oat Bran Pancakes. They were tasty, but too tough. I'm sure they are healthier, too, with the oat bran, whole wheat flour and wheat germ. I might try adding a smidge of these ingredients to my regular buttermilk pancake recipe, just to add a little extra nutrition.