Friday, May 19, 2006

In the Garden

We've been working outside alot lately. On the NW corner of the house we added a small garden, with sandstone stepping stones, blueberry bushes and various perennials. In my greenhouse I have 216 vegetable and flower seedlings growing, as well as two semi-dead clematis. We stopped by a couple of Amish greenhouses yesterday in the Granton area and picked up some red geraniums for the front yard. I put out flag swags on the front fence during the summer and like the look of red geraniums with them. Next is the vegetable garden. It needs to be tilled, fertilized and then planted.

Caring for the chickens gives us something to do outside as well. They are two weeks old now and getting pretty big, relatively speaking. Now that Grace is 8 and Lee is 7 they are real helpers now. They can be trusted to take care of the chickens and water plants, without me retracing their steps.

The kids, with dad's help, built a 4' x 4' cranberry bed. They have big plans of harvesting a crop and making juice to sell.