Thursday, November 9, 2006

Frugal Family Tips

I've always liked Maureen's Thrifty Homeschooler site. She includes all the things I'm interested in: cooking, canning, homeschooling, books. But, most recently, I've run across Thrifty Mommy. Her site is a bit more varied and is a nice complement to Thrifty Homeschooler. She also has many links to other thrifty websites. Her most recent posts include: cleaning remedies, thrifty and safe carseats, toy shopping and how to indulge without feeling guilty (use cash). I have a couple of my own frugal family tips.

  • USE MEN'S SHAVING CREAM - I recently bought 14 oz. of Colgate shaving cream for $0.97 at Walmart. The Equate brand of shaving cream was $1.87 for only 7 or 9 oz. Although the men's smells masculine, it doesn't stay with me long and I can easily cover it up by moisturizing my legs, once out of the shower. Now you just have to take the time to shave.
  • USE 1/2 OF A DRYER SHEET - Dryer sheets can be torn in half very easily. I buy bounce free, 80 count and by tearing them in half, get 160 dryer loads. At 14 loads per week, I get about 11 weeks of drying instead of about 6 weeks. My clothes are still static free and soft.

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