Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Personal Update

Since my last post on Halloween, I've been hopping every minute. November 1st was crazy. I started it with Mass at 9am, followed by a canceled violin lesson and then we headed back to church to prepare lunch for the NET Ministries group. Our church hosted them for a few days so another lady and I made an awesome taco lunch for them. The other lady brought a corn bake which I will post the recipe for soon. It was so good, I couldn't resist seconds. The kids (young adults) polished it off, as well as all the soft tortillas, black olives and apples with caramel dip. Once home we had our annual harvest party for all the seasonal employees and their families. My fun at the party had to stop short due to a prior committment to Hospice. Hospice hosted a large fundraising event in our town and I agreed to host two tables, which meant I needed to convince 15 people to dress up, eat cavier, sob while listening to the presenters share their Hospice stories and then give generously from the heart while Karen Taylor-Good sang incredibly sad songs. The services provided by Hospice are truly remarkable. The staff must be angels in disguise. Once our eyes were dried some friends and I sat in the lobby of the hotel for almost three hours talking about Faith, dreams, husbands, babies, why our husbands don't want anymore babies, what we can do to convince them they do want more babies, Catholic school, homeschool, recipes, frugal living ideas and more. You know how we women can go from one topic to the next without even taking a breath.

My mom came home from Colorado, we had violin repertoire and more. Usually I am focused on protecting my time. I really want to enjoy everything and let my kids have plenty of playtime, without worrying about what's next on the agenda. But it doesn't always work. Last week was a perfect example.