Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Matter and Spirit

Chapter 2 of the Behold and See 3 CHC science text is titled Matter and Spirit. Since I have 4 children all needing a different level of science, I need to be creative in order to use our time wisely. Here is what I do: Grace is 9 and studies at the 3rd grade level. Lee is 7 1/2 and studies at the 2nd grade level. When we start a new chapter in Behold and See 3 I begin by reading to them. I add to the text by asking them questions and giving some examples of how this area of science fits into my life as a mom. When it comes to the experiments, Grace and Lee work together. They both read the directions, gather supplies, carry out the experiment, discuss the questions and then Grace writes in the answers. I expect her to construct adequate sentences to answer the questions. They clean up and close the book. Then to incorporate Lou and Ray (barely), I check out books from the library. We read these during the day, sometimes while the others are doing the experiment or as bedtime stories. We also schedule Wednesday and music lesson, errand and Family Formation day, so the afternoon is usually free to persue other interests. On occasion we read on those afternoons and I try to incorporate some "schoolly" type books. Here are two suggestions for supplemental reading for Chapter 2, Matter and Spirit.

Matter: see it, touch it, taste it, smell it by Darlene Stille

What Is the World Made Of? by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld