Sunday, November 19, 2006

Socialization Overload

The words homeschooling and socializtion often are in the same sentence. Typically, we as homeschoolers, are being accused of sheltering our children, not giving them enough opportunities to interact with peers. And to that I say, "Yes, I am sheltering my children, but not neccessarily from peers." I diligently keep them away from the magazine aisle, so as not to think that beauty comes in only one form, skinny or muscular. I protect them from hate in the world by limiting the amount of news they are allowed to view or hear. We have sleepovers at our home so I can be sure the activities are appropriate. I attend activites and events with them (the oldest is 9), friends are formed because of family relationships. Not too many years ago this was considered to be smart parenting, now the "world" wants us to believe that we are being intrusive and over protective. I can't even count the number of times I've heard people say that if kids aren't toughened up they'll never survive when they're on their own. I believe children need plenty of time to develop in a stable and moral environment. Of course, life happens, and they will be exposed to all the hate, anger and immorality of the world, but with a foundation based on Faith, virtue, morality and love they stand a much better chance of seeing the bad for what it is and avoiding it.

Now for the peer issue, which I call socializing, not socialization. We did an awful lot of it this past week. That's reason #1 for not blogging since last weekend. Tuesday we went to the homeschool rollerskating party, then Grace went home with a friend for the afternoon. Wednesday we went to violin and stopped for a playtime at the mall play area. My children easily made friends with the other children whom we didn't know. Thursday was the monthly quilting session at Dawn's, where again my four and her four came together for 6 hours of socializing. Friday was another day of fun; one of our schooling friends had the day off, so we took advantage of that and played again. This weekend being opening gun deer season meant we had house guests and you guessed it more socializing. We can't wait to have a normal day tomorrow....practicing spelling words, doing math, finishing the last science experiement for the unit on Matter and Spirit, cooking, cleaning and having fun with one another.

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  1. >Not too many years ago this was considered to be >smart parenting, now the "world" wants us to believe >that we are being intrusive and over protective.

    Well said!!!


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