Wednesday, January 24, 2007

End of January Resolutions

With all that happened in December I didn't have even a minute to think of New Year's Resolutions. I did have the ones leftover from last year.
  • paint and decorate bedroom to be a peaceful and romantic getaway (not done)
  • lose 15 pounds (not done)
  • I can't even remember #3 or #4 from last year which most likely are (not done)

I plan on transferring the first two to this year's list and I added one more, a family chore chart. Down came the advent calendar and up went the most beautiful family chore chart, in full color and saved to a disk so I can revise and print weekly. The list of rotating chores include:

  • vacuum porch rug
  • fold socks
  • feed and water animals
  • collect dirty laundry
  • tidy game/school closet
  • set and clear lunch table
  • help prepare lunch
  • collect eggs
  • Flylady mission with mom
  • put away clean towels and wash cloths
  • kitchen duty (supper)

While I prepared this chart in Word, the onlookers remarked, "look what I get to do today", "I can't believe more jobs", "I hate chores", "Why isn't dad's name on the chart?" "Are we starting this next month?" I don't know which I like more, the looks of the full color chart or the potential for a little added help throughout the day?