Thursday, January 11, 2007

Vacations Pics

We are home and in full swing of school again. After the surgery, Christmas and vacation it's actually nice to be home and doing school. After two full days of normalcy I realize just how much we missed our normal life. Vacation was a blast. We were in Fifield, Wisconsin for 7 days. We endured a January rain storm and a few inches of snow, relaxed, read, ice fished, went sledding, almost broke a finger, almost broke a knee cap, visited with relatives, I quilted and read tons of magazines. Taste of Home, Quick Cooking, Home Education Magazine, Quick Quilts, Backwoods Home and Countryside. I read the original Boxcar Children to the kids, which they loved, all of them. The sentence structure is a little choppy, but still readable. However, it is well suited for a 3rd grade reader. Grace mentioned wanting to pick up a couple more from the library to read herself. Check out the following generic vacation pics.

Wild Ridge Cabin - where we stayed and enjoyed the wood burning fireplace everyday. The kids loved the loft and the great sledding hills.

Grace and Sara (dog) look at Sailor Creek after a beautiful blanket of snow fell during the night.