Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Choir Camp

Grace began Choir Camp yesterday, which is a big commitment on my part. Each day this week she needs to be in Marshfield from 2:45 - 4:45 pm. Which means we have to leave at 1:45 and don't get home until 5:30 - 5:45. And as we travel in a pack the rest of us need to find something to do while she is singing her heart out. A quick search of the Marshfield Visitor Center gave us a list of places to go and there is always grocery shopping to be done, too. While we were shopping at Target and then dodging the sheets of rain at the Wildwood Zoo, Grace was singing about animals with 30 other kids. It's an annual program run by the Continuing Education program at UW-Marshfield Center. Three age groups of kids meet for 2 hour choir practices and then give a final performance on Friday night. This year's musical is A Carnival of Animals and as Grace said yesterday, I can't wait to go back tomorrow, I made a new friend named Rachel and my teacher is really nice. It must be going well and I'm glad they are allowed to bring home the songbook. She's singing the lyrics all the time, reading time that's fun and useful. It's hard to get Grace to read just for fun. She's not a nose in the book kinda kid. She's a, I made a new friend, I'm going swimming, when can I go___________ (fill in the blank) kinda kid. So anytime she has to read, as is the case in choir camp, it's a bonus.

Plans for our week include:

*visiting Jurustic Park

*swimming at the local pool

*shopping/looking at Fleet Farm (Lee's pick)

*playing at the castle park

*stopping in at Thimbleberries (used and rare book store) (my pick, of course)