Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What I've Been Up To

June 7 - It was my birthday. And I share it with Danielle, no wonder I love her blog so well. My family treated me to lunch at Shaw Lee's where I immediately filled my plate with sesame chicken and beef and broccoli and egg rolls and wontons and.... My family started off with the chinese french fries, chinese chicken wings and watermelon. We had a great lunch and as a bonus, no one spilled their drink on me. I made a hauling on practical gifts - bird seed, bird feeders, hammer, candy and a insect/spider field guide. The day ended with a terrible storm which just missed us by the hair on our chinny chin chin. Hail the size of softballs (I saw them with my own eyes, right from a friend's freezer) pelted the nearby towns destroying cars, roofs, windows and many skylights.

June 8 - Grace spent the afternoon at the horse stable. Lou had a surprise ride on Twig, the miniature horse. If only I had had my camera. DH and I went to a movie Friday night and then out for a drink and a taco to boot. I'm almost embarrassed to say I saw KnockedUp. The pregnancy, baby, shopping for baby, labor was all cute and brought back so many memories. But the movie didn't stop there. The swearing and drug use was unbearable. At one point I leaned to DH and said I can't believe I'm watching this. I still haven't checked to see if it's rated PG-13 or R. I can't imagine a thirteen year old seeing such a film. *Edit: I just read the linked review and it says it all and it's definitely rated R.

June 9 - Grace had violin and then we went grocery shopping. The afternoon was kinda lazy until it was time for Zack's graduation party.

June 10 - The highlight of today was getting the long awaited kitten, which Lou named Diamond. I planted the garden, late and slim in the area of variety, but none the less it's in and hopefully in a couple months we'll have something to harvest. Here's what I planted: Yukon Golds, red potatoes, yellow onions, carrots, cucumbers, pie pumpkins, corn and a couple rows of flowers. We had a "last dinner before baby is born" dinner at my father-in-law's, in honor of Rod and Jan and their soon to be born baby.

June 11 - The baby was born this morning. A boy. 8 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches long. Healthy. Grace and Lee went to Parade of Pets at the Humane Society. They combed cats, walked dogs and toured the facility. After dinner the kids set up the tent and camped for the night.

June 12 - Here we are at today. I made dinner rolls from frozen dough. Grace started on a couple of bibs for the newborn cousin. Now Ray's napping and the others are swimming trying to beat the heat. It's 86 here today.

These are just some of the highlights. Of course, there's been the marsh work and daily living stuff like fishing, turtles, kitten care, dog care, chicken care, reading, housework, watering the flowers and yard and keeping up with mail and magazine reading. I just got Faith and Family and Family Fun within the last couple days and now I'm full of ideas, we'll see what comes to fruition.