Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Audio Books

We've discovered audio books again. And we're loving them so much, we're actually looking for places to go. I know we could just listen to them at home, but in the car I can give myself permission to listen intently. At home I always seem to think of others things I should be doing. Then I do the shoulda, coulda, oughta thing and I either listen without being there fully or get up and do the shouldas. Either way I miss out on the fullness of the book. So the car is the perfect place for listening to audio books.

Our recent reads

Charlotte's Web read by E.B. White himself. He has a soothing voice and played up the part of the geese wonderfully. The story of course, is so sweet and when it was over we talked about living up to the labels given to us and how important it is to be encouragers and not discouragers. As I say almost everyday to at least one of the kids: Are you helping or hurting the situation?

Because of Winn Dixie by Kate Dicamillo and read by Cherry Jones. I'd seen bits of the movie, which I thought was good and something I had wanted to see in its entirety, but it definitely can not compare to the book. And the storyteller's voice is absolutely addicting. The general storyline is this: a little girl in an unfortunate situation finds a way to feel better about life by befriending other unfortunate souls and bringing them together, all the while learning how to not be judgemental. Lots of lessons are addressed in this lovable book, even ones that us adults need to be reminded of now and again.