Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Let Freedom Ring...

...it's Independence Day. I happened to catch an episode of Jay Leno the other night with the Jaywalking segment. Jay interviewed people around town regarding Independence Day. He asked them the following questions (my favorite responses are in italics) and then they had to answer. Surprising how little we know about the ever celebrated 4th of July.

What do we celebrate on the 4th of July? fireworks

Who did we gain independence from? Greece

What year did we declare our independence? 1922

Who was the general in charge of the Revolutionary War? (no one could come up with anything)

My favorite people he questioned were a multi-generational family of 4. First Jay questioned the 40ish dad. He said his wife was smarter than him, so Jay grabbed the wife. She didn't know any of the answers either. Jay continued on by pulling in the middle school aged son. He didn't do any better, but claimed that grandpa probably knew the answers. And grandpa did. As quick as Jay asked the question, Grandpa confidently gave the answers. He did his country proud. Isn't it sad that the people who know the true meaning of Independence Day were the ones who lived through it or were educated in the olde days. Or maybe it's because with all the diversity education, whole language, multi-cultural education and New Math there isn't any time for American History education.

So this week we talked about Independence Day, the Revolutionary War, Britain, Red Coats, Betsy Ross, the American Flag, thirteen colonies and the circle of starts on the flag, today's flag with 50 stars, what each star represents. I had the kids color flags and eagles and the liberty bell. They labeled a map with the states. I do not want to be embarrassed by a disastrous Jaywalking. Happy 4th of July y'all.