Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Calling All Nature Lovers

Back in April, Dawn posed a question. She wanted to know what the stumbling blocks were to nature study. Read her post and comments here. Most people felt they didn't know enough to get started. This summer I came across two awesome books about nature study and observation.

Northwoods Companion: Spring and Summer by John Bates - This book takes a look at nature in 2 week blocks. I just finished reading August 1-15, which highlights the flora and fauna to watch for in this time span. For example nighthawks, shorebird migration, scat and blackberries, mushrooms, freshwater sponges and many more. I like his style of writing: informational, scientific, witty and story-like. There is also a Fall and Winter edition.

Wild Wisconsin Notebook by James Buchholz- This is similar, but it highlights the year a month at a time. Great bits of trivia about plants and animals that can be shared at the dinner table and make for interesting conversation.

Now go and enjoy some nature today. Have you noticed the Canadian Geese flocking in fields over the last week? They must be gathering for their fall migration. There is so much beauty to notice outside, one just has to be aware.