Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Saint Alphonsus

Having writer's block? Well, say a prayer to St. Alphonsus, the patron saint of writers. Then start blogging away with a renewed spirit. Or put your pencil to paper and start planning for the coming months. Dawn has two posts with wonderful ideas to get you started planning for August and September. I've started jotting down a few things in my day planner as to how we will celebrate our Faith in August.

St. Alphonsus (1)- add this saint to our repertoire of saints to pray to when stumbling, we already pray to St. Anthony for lost items and its worked every time, now we have a writing helper

St. John Vianney (4)- confession, it's been a while

Transfiguration of the Lord (6)- read story in children's bible and display art at dinner table

Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary (15)- attend mass, swim in pond, eat lots of fruit, take fruit basket to Sister C., read ?

St. Monica (27) and St. Augustine (28)- mother and son, display art at dinner table and check out all the summer forts my boys made, with them of course.

Getting this down on paper was fun. I love pulling out my idea books and planning. And using my new homemade planner made it even better this time. I will post about my planner soon. But today I'm off to paint a table, light weeding in the garden, piano and movie night at church.

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  1. Fascinating. I did not know that St. Alphonsus is the patron saint of writers. My eldest daughter is an avid writer, and he was her chosen saint for the year!


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