Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Few Observations

Hawaiian shirts. DH and I went out for dinner and music last Friday and counted more than 10 men, over age 45 in bright, flowery, palm leafy, sail boaty Hawaiian shirts. We both chuckled, thinking about the future and wondering if we'll still be with it or if we'll, I mean if he'll be wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Well, fast forward to the next night at my cousin's outdoor wedding. I couldn't help myself, I started counting Hawaiian shirts and then began to fret because a very with it 12 year old was wearing a very cool Hawaiian shirt, as was my 36 year old cousin (only 2 years away for my honey), as was my big city, stylish 50 something uncle. My theory was blown in less than 24 hours. Hawaiian must be making a come back; now where did I put those pineapple burmudas from junior high?
Midweek hotel stays are great. Better prices and fewer people. I did however find a few people begging to be watched. Like for example, this young couple with one toddler. They came waltzing into the waterpark with enough gear for a 3 day campout. They set up camp at a nearby table where mom started giving orders to dad about where the child could swim, what waterslides he could use and that he was not supposed to go underwater or drink the water. Well, mom plopped down with a magazine and dad hopped in the kiddie wading pool with his boy. They made a beeline for the teeter totter, which squirted water as you went up and down. Mom gave a look and they were off to something new, the cloth swings, which admittedly didn't look very sanitary. Dad pushed the little guy, he laughed, mom gave a disapproving look. The waterslide came next; the boy went underwater, probably swallowed a little by the way he was coughing. Mom had had enough. She called them in and they packed up all the gear. Mom passed the huge (Texas huge) beach style bag- the orange mesh kind with splashes of pink and yellow tropical flowers- to dad and she carried the boy out. I doesn't seem right to pass judgement on this situation, but I will say they would've had a lot more fun if mom and dad were both playing with little junior in the water, maybe even splashing a little.
Next up, my three year old. His favorite part at the waterpark is the hot baff, which in adult language would be the hut tub. What harm could a cute little boy who likes to soak in the hot baff bring anyone? Well, the lifeguard seemed to think a lot! I stopped counting at 24 whistle blows, but 6 of those whistle blows were at my son. He walked up the waterslide; used the sprayer to spray all the little girls in the face at point blank, stood on the teeter totter, lugged the tubes from the tube corral to the kiddie pool and sat in the lock and dam play area, twice. The lifeguard was busy. And so was I.

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  1. Your post on the Hawaiian shirts cracked me up! My hubby is a die-hard Hawaiian shirt lover and always has been. He was wearing one the first time we met. He was eighteen, clean-cut, buff, and wearing flowers and ukuleles. Didn't I think he was handsome, though! I also liked the way he paired his shirt with cowboy boots. It told me he didn't care a fig what anybody else thought. He liked it and that was good enough for him. It's one of the things I love about him.


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