Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Send a Boy to Camp...

...and here's what happens.
  • first you'll have to label EVERYTHING so everyone knows who the ratty old towel and past its prime pillow belongs to
  • on the way to camp he will help you search for just the right gas station to stop at to pick up cream sunscreen and a disposable camera; it will cost $20; he won't use either
  • he will come home with the brand new bar of soap still in its sealed box
  • the ratty old towel will still be rolled and perfectly clean when he unpacks, as will the washcloth
  • all the underwear will be used, but none of the clothing (try to figure that one out)
  • try as he might to explain carpet ball, you will never quite get it, but he will remind you he was the grand champion and beat a 16 year old
  • he will learn catchy camp songs that can only be sung at top volume, in the van
  • he will hum the tunes the rest of the day so that they penetrate your mind and even when you want to fall asleep all you can think is: I like bananas, I think papayas are sweet, but nothing can beat the sweet love of God

And it's that sweet love of God that allowed him to have, quite possibly, the best 4 days of his life. Oh Lord, I thank you for camp counselors who give up their summer to do your work; I thank you for providing Lee with the perfect camp experience and taking care of him when I couldn't be there. Amen.