Friday, August 17, 2007

Hardwood Bombing Range Air Show

We ventured out this morning to our first ever, up close air show. And here is what I heard:

(by a mom to her husband and two young boys) You mean they have guns here?!
Yes, dear lady, there will be guns at the military bombing range.
(by me) Why are we waiting in line? Is there something to see?
(Lee) We're gonna see the machine guns.
Oh good!

(Lee) When are they gonna blow up the firetruck?

(Lou) Let's go home; I don't want to see the firetruck explode.

(all boys under age 100 after the firetruck exploded) Awesome! Cool, flying metal.

(Lee) Look what I found, a blown up shell casing.

And my very favorite of the day:

(Lou) I feel like I have a fever; I think I need a slushie.

We're home and the earplugs have been thrown away. I have a feeling I will be stepping over these for a few days until all the reenactments have been reenacted.