Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cranberry Harvesters in Action...

and a couple of books, too.
We started off the week harvesting a bed ourselves; just a tiny bed of Hy-Reds, a fairly new variety. The kids wait for dad to push the berries to them so they can scoop them up.

Grace with a full rake, heading for the drying boxes.

I didn't just take pictures, I got in on the work as well.

And now for a couple of books related to cranberries.

Cranberries: Fruit of the Bogs - we've checked this book out from the libary, lots of nice photos explaining cranberries and cranberry harvest

Very Cranberry - a nice little book of recipes using fresh and dried cranberries

Cranberry Autumn - this is one in a series of "Cranberry" books, others include Valentine, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more

Cranmoor: The Cranberry Eldorado - history of Wisconsin cranberry farming for adults or very interested teens (scroll down almost to the bottom if using the link)