Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Autumn

Each day's weather is completely its own. Yesterday it was warm, slightly humid - we turned on the whole house fan. We woke to thick fog and dewy grass. The sun poked out a few times, but mostly it was overcast. The Asian lady beetles took cover and we were able to come and go through our door as we pleased, much different from yesterday when the sun was beating on the front door and lady beetles were crawling everywhere. Later in the afternoon the winds picked up and then the rain came and came. Now at 10:12 p.m. the radar shows clear skies for awhile. As we drove home from violin tonight, Grace and I noticed just how dark it is at 6:45 p.m. Each week the drive is darker and darker. Autumn arrives and the feeling is bittersweet. No more afternoon swims in the reservoir, Popsicles loose their excitement, winter will soon set it. The sweet part is ever so sweet. The brightly colored leaves flitting in the breeze, the crunchy leaves on the roadside waiting to be shuffled through, pumpkins peeking from around every tree, crimson colored cranberries dipped in caramel. All signs of autumn; all evoke beauty and comfort. As we took a walk around the yard today I snapped a few pictures. My digital camera basically stinks, but I can't help posting a few photos from autumn in my neck of the woods.

beautiful fall colors across the marsh

edible rubies

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  1. Your neck of the woods is beautiful!


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