Friday, October 12, 2007

Today's Photo

The first day of harvest has come and gone; today is actually day 7. I intended to share a picture from each day, but between homeschool harvest tours, raking and cleaning fruit for our own personal use, music lessons and just the uncertainty of what each day will bring, my blog time has been basically nill. So in an effort to make up for lost time, here are two photos from today.

After raking my fruit, I dump it in this cleaning rack. The bottom is made from hardware cloth which allows air to flow through the cranberries to dry them and also allows leaves and chaff to fall through. I sort through the cranberries, brushing them back and forth, picking out rot and debris, throughout the day until I'm left with nothing but beautiful red cranberries. Then I freeze them in gallon ziploc bags or can them into juice or sauce.

Someone is getting a spa treatment, but I don't think it'll be me. I believe her name is either Felicity or Kailey. I found this in the fridge this morning chilling, next to the baby carrots and thawing italian sausage.