Monday, February 15, 2010

Candy Cigarettes

We've had many conversations and stories told about candy cigarettes. My kids can't believe cigarettes were actually used as amusement, considering all the anti-smoking programs in place today. As a kid it was just normal to have candy cigarettes. I remember the chalky white sticks -so breakable- and the little red tip that kept it real. The neighbor girls and I would walk to school wearing our jean jackets and pretend to smoke. Their dad smoked and so we knew exactly what to do. How to offer one, how to take it from the box, how to hold it between two fingers and light up. We were so cool, or so we thought. I just wonder now what passersby thought of the sight of 10 year old girls smoking before school. I'm sure they were thinking they wished they could be as cool as us. Warren actually had an aunt who passed out candy cigarettes at Easter. We all get a kick out of that. Let's celebrate the resurrection of Christ, here are some candy cigs, kids.

Again today while Emily made mac 'n cheese for lunch she inquired about candy cigarettes. I told the same stories and then we had the greatest idea ever. Let's Google it. Did you know that if you google candy cigarettes, the 2nd listing (after the advertised sites) is 1 case of candy cigarettes at Amazon.com. Really? I can buy a whole case, 240 candy cigarettes for only $4.69. That's a steal deal. The kids are begging me to buy a case and I'm torn. I turned out ok. Actually, I've never even had a real cigarette in my mouth. I did take a puff on a cigar once, but never a cigarette. So what do you think readers, should I buy them for the kiddos?

Also the kids laughed even harder at the sight of bubblegum cigars. Emily says that's just, I mean (giggle giggle).

Read more candy cigarette testimonials here.


  1. The website you linked provided this clear line: "There is evidence that the candy makers actually worked with the cigarette companies to attract young smokers." For me, that's enough to say no. Candy cigarettes are not the worst thing in the world, but ultimately there is better candy to give my children - candy that won't suggest that an activity I do not want them to engage in is really acceptible.

  2. I remember playing with candy cigarettes too. Now, I've never ever tried a real cigarette or cigar in my life even if my dad was a heavy smoker when I was growing up. That said, I probably wouldn't let Matthew have candy cigarettes when he's older even if I turned out ok. "Do as I say, not as I did" I guess. But that's just me.

  3. This is your MOTHER, Jen Yes, they are cool when they are just candy. But, not when they are the real thing, I agree with Arby and Ria there's better treats for my grandchildren. Like apples, carrots, cranberries with caramel dip on them and other food.

    Love: Your Mother!!!!!

  4. LOL, I was going to comment, but I suspect the Blogger's Mother must trump all so I will leave it there ;-)

  5. I remember candy cigarettes - I remember eating them, too. Neither of my parents smoked and I don't either.

    But I wouldn't get them for my kids even if Amazon says they are "delicious candy cigarettes just like you remember them from your childhood.

    When making a decision remember to "avoid all appearances of evil."

    On the other hand if one was offered to my child I wouldn't raise a huge stink about it.


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