Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Look Around Outside

Warren did some selective log cutting this month. He likes to stay on top of the cutting to prevent rot. Once the heart rots the log isn't any good to sell, then they become firewood, which works for us because we heat with wood.

We made out first Craig's List purchase, a saddle. Never in my life did I think I would be the proud owner of two horse saddles. Technically, Emily paid for 80% of the new saddle. She sure knows how to save money. I'm proud of her.

Amber and Max

Samuel took Little J for a sled ride while I snapped pictures. Sam takes him on quite a wild ride, but Little J is easygoing; he just giggles through the whole thing.

Our chickens, 6 of them. That was last week. Now we have 11, but the newest additions are pretty shy. Emily's horse friend T called wondering if we wanted 10 or 15 chickens. I squeaked out, I guess I'll take 5. She was here 30 minutes later with a dog kennel of chickens for us.

Amber loves playing prairie girl. She dresses in all her layers of prairie dresses and long underwear or thick tights and heads outside for sometimes an entire afternoon, playing with the chickens, horses, dog and cats. On this particular day she was collecting the chicken pecked grapefruit halves, adding them to some slush and calling it honey butter.

There you have it. A little walk around the yard one afternoon. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We're expecting some snow flurries and temps in the low 30's.

On tap this weekend
violin repertoire

checking traps

caulking in prep for more painting

birthday sleepover

adult night with some friends

Nick's first official babysitting job; he's tag teaming with a friend

late church
chili feed and ice skating with a combined 24 children between 4 families - it promises to be a wild and chaotic Catholic homeschooling group

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  1. Dear Family,

    This is your Mom, Suz, and Grandma

    I really enjoyed your outside tour of your farm and the children having so much fun, including my son-in-law. What a guy!!

    I love you all - take care - I will be talking to you soon.

    Love: Me

    P.S. Somebody will be having a birthday this week. Keep smiling!!


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