Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've Been Cleaning.....

......and the kids noticed. Amber was sent in to take a bath tonight and the screaming could be heard throughout the house. Emily and Nick ran in to assess the situation and add their own remarks. Here are some of the comments I heard from the kitchen.

Oh my gosh, what happened in here?

What happened to all the stuff?

The tub looks brand new!

It's so....bare.

Woo? Woo? It even echos in here.

This wall could really use a painting.

I've never seen it so clean.

I've had comments on my cleaning before, so I'm used to it. I like a clean house, it's just by the time the thrice daily tidying is done there isn't any leftover time for actual cleaning - the kind with chemicals and scouring pads. But eventually I have to do something to combat the grime. Today that something was spending a little over 2 hours cleaning one full bath from top to bottom. I washed the walls, scoured the shower curtain rod, scrubbed finger prints from the door, Pledged the trim work, disinfected the sink, tub and toilet, washed the floor, window, mirror and light fixtures. The bathroom received the Full Monty of cleaning. The half bath got the same treatment.

Amber asked for a bedtime story tonight and chose one of her favorite books, Miss Suzy. Suzy, a gray squirrel, happily keeps a very tidy house in an oak tree. She's inspiration for us all.

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  1. Its always nice when someone notices your hard work. I bet you were happy :)


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