Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cranberry Harvest Day 5

Today I have a few random pictures to share.  Here's a newly raked bed.  The cranberries floating freely...until tomorrow.

Sam hitches a ride to pick up the trash trailer.  On front of the 4-wheeler is the blower, used to blow every last cranberry from the ditch edge before booming the cleanup round.

Cranberries like any plant rely on pollination to flourish.  Cranberry growers either rent honeybee hives or buy bumblebee hives. On the trailer are bumblebee quads.  They arrive in June to begin pollinating.  Many growers will get both types of bees.  Honeybees work best in pleasant weather, not unlike me.  Whereas bumblebees are willing to work during inclement weather, too.

It's interesting that when the bumblebees show up the hives are closed up and there's a mesh covering over the exit hole.  Within the first 24 hours they actually chew through the mesh.

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  1. Fascinating- thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer! Such a beautiful sight, all those beautiful berries- and rare if you don't live in WI or ME! : ) I miss it. Thanks for sharing~
    And, I see you got the blog networked- that's great- it's a great reminder to check it out.

    Blessings on the harvest,


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