Monday, October 4, 2010


Today starts the beginning of our 5th week of homeschool.  The year is really moving along and in a positive direction.  So far the notecard system is working well and everyone is exactly where they should be.  I was a little apprehensive about starting up this year because Little J is a mover now.  I was preparing myself for an exorbitant number of interruptions from him.  But it's been ok.  Of course, he does interrupt a fair amount, but so does everyone else and the phone and the doorbell and the email chime and the ________ and the ________.  We've learned to just go with the flow.  Sometimes I wonder if he's distracting his siblings learning when he sits on their lap while they do math or crawls all over them while they write out their spelling words.  But when I bend down to grab him they squeal out No! Don't take him.  And I am reminded that one of the best aspects of homeschooling is the relaxed nature of learning alongside one another.  Learning to respect and love each other despite our differences.  Learning to get along and meeting each other where they're at no matter their age.  These are the things I like to see develop in my children.  So when the house gets a little crazy with spelling tests, math lessons, laundry, lunch, nature walks, map making, hardtack baking, phonics games and Little J antics I can relax knowing that we are a family and we love each other.  The 2nd greatest commandment of all is love your neighbor as yourself, not punish your two year old for school time distractions.
Today Emily and Nick made hardtack
Just like the Civil War soldiers', only no weevils or grubs in ours.
Little J hung out in his new stroller for a while today.  It keeps him in one place for 15 minutes or so which helps when one is trying to vacuum or set a USA puzzle.

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  1. Have been meaning to say thanks for your recent day-in-the-life posts. Having not been homeschooled (as such!) I am always interested to hear about how you manage to run things!


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