Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happiness Is....

Happiness is...pulling the last frost thermometer off the cranberry marsh.

Happiness is...having kids old enough to scrapbook their own memories.

Happiness is...the aroma of pumpkin pies made by Emily.

Happiness is...seeing police lights in your review mirror and then watching them as they cruise on by.

Happiness is...cleanliness in all the inconspicuous places like under the couch and behind the piano.

I polled the rest of the family and here's what they said.
Dad says:  Happiness is...loading the last cranberry.  (which hasn't happened yet)

Emily says:  Happiness is...finishing a Heartland book in one day.

Nick says:  Happiness is...having an Airsoft war.

Amber says:  Happiness is...riding Max.

Sam says:  Happiness is...my birthday.

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