Monday, December 7, 2015

Advent Week 2 ~ Peace

We ate by candle light for the 2nd time on Sunday evening.  It's so very peaceful for me; however, the kids don't feel the same way.  Truthfully, they whined a little about having to eat in the dark.  They actually said it reminded them of the pilgrims eating in the dark on the Mayflower so as not to see the bugs in their food.  Really?  They need to get a grip.  Anyway, last week we focused on HOPE.  We have hope because we trust in the Lord.  This week we focus on PEACE.  Our hearts can find peace because we have hope.

May you have a PEACEFUL week as you prepare for Christmas.

And for the record, sometimes peace is a little hard to come by around here.  Take for example last night's sing along.  Warren brought out his guitar and we had an impromptu sing along.  I caught a little footage of the moment (in the dark).  Most of the singing is drowned out by one child whistling and if you listen close enough you'll hear another child scolding the whistler.  

The lights turn on, the phone rings, the singers were a little off key.

Let there be PEACE on Earth!