Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Deer Season - 2015

Just as practicing our Faith nourishes our soul, hunting, for our family, nourishes our bodies.  And it's nearly just as important to the well-being of our family.  This year we are so fortunate for the large deer harvest; our freezers are full.  Yes, I said freezers (plural); we filled 3 chest freezers and two above the fridge freezers.  And believe it or not, it'll all be gone by about next September.

If you're counting deer, you'll need to add two more because Nick shot two does, but I forgot to get pictures before they had them skun.  (Spell check is telling me skun is not a word, but skinned doesn't sound right either).

Wild meat isn't as tricky to cook with as one might think.  I've seen so many cookbooks claiming to have all the secrets.  I've been cooking with wild game for 19 years and have found that since it tends to be leaner than most farm raised animals, keeping the meat moist is very important.  For a few of our family favorites check out the links below.

Recipes to Use With Ground Venison

Recipe - Hug and Kiss Soup

And lest I make Nick feel forgotten by not mentioning his major contribution to our full freezer, I better say that he put 29 ducks and an unknown number of geese and squirrels in the freezer and frying pan as well.

I may try to post a few more wild game recipes to the blog soon.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Congrats to all your hunters!
    I'll be watching for those squirrel recipes!


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