Saturday, December 12, 2015

Art Supplies for the Child Artist

In our homeschool art has always been on the repertoire.  

*Not because I'm an artist, because I'm not, but because I've always wished I was better at drawing and seeing perspective.  I want my kids to be better artists than me.  

*I also find that art can be relaxing.  After an intense lesson in multiplying decimals or writing a Mr. Pudewa paper something a little less restrictive is needed for some kids and that's when it's time for art.

*Art also adds interest to our home decor.

Most of our drawing and painting art projects come from Art Projects For Kids.  Kathy shares the art projects she does with her school kids.  Sometimes she shares detailed instructions and other times it's simply a picture with a few notes about needed supplies.  Her blog can be searched by artist, grade, media, and theme.  She's introduced us to many different art supplies and we've never been disappointed in our purchases.  The project I'm sharing today came from Art Projects For Kids and is called Starry Snowy Night.  Sam's having so much fun with this project that he's made three canvas's.

The directions call for water color paints, but I pulled out some fairly new brush markers which worked great.  Sam even commented, "these are so awesome, they don't even leave marker lines."  Another art supply that has made completing this project so much fun is canvas panels.  Any piece of art looks so much more professional when done on a canvas panel.  Another necessity is a good black Sharpie for outlining.  

Make a snow line, add buildings with snowy tops, make a swirling sky (all in pencil).  
Trace with black Sharpie.
Draw in windows with Sharpie.
Add color to buildings with brush markers.
Choose two shades of blue for sky.  Color the entire sky the lighter shade and trace the swirl lines with the darker shade of blue.  
Add snow or stars if you'd like.  Sam used a white oil pastel to add snowflakes (not shown in picture)

 One of my favorite things is watching kids engage in creative projects.  A gift of art supplies and a link to Art Projects For Kids will keep just about any child happily creating during those long days of Christmas break.

Here are our favorites used for this project, but can easily be used for the many other projects at Art Projects For Kids.

Djeco brush markers - I only paid around $13 for these, but it looks like they've significantly increased in price.  There are other good brush markers on the market.

Canvas panels - 5x7 and 8x10 are our favorites.

Black Sharpie

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